What is Dropcountr?

Dropcountr is a water customer portal that allows you to access your water usage, personalized water-saving tips, and important alerts from Yorba Linda Water District – anytime, anywhere.

How is this supposed to help me?

Most people only get their usage in the form of a bill, in units, without a lot of context about how much they used this year compared to previous years, or how much their usage compares to similar or efficient households. Dropcountr provides this information in a format that makes sense, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere (instead of having to dig up old paper bills and comparing).

Additionally, Dropcountr provides you quick access to important utility rebates, alerts and notifications (water maintenance in your neighborhood, water conservation workshops, or District events), tips about conserving water, and a personalized water usage report via email.

While you're not expected to sign in every day, it's helpful to have access to your usage when you want it, and in a format you prefer.

Where can I access Dropcountr?

Dropcountr will be available Winter 2018 through the Yorba Linda Water District website, and via the Apple and Android App stores.

Why has Yorba Linda Water District partnered with Dropcountr?

By providing you with more detailed information about your water use, we hope you feel more confident in managing it. We're in the business of supporting our customers and helping them make conscious household decisions. It's hard to manage what you don't measure, so this is a tool to equip you to make conscious decisions.

Who else is using Dropcountr?

Communities all over the U.S. are using Dropcountr - in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, and California.


For more information please reach out to Malissa Muttaraid - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.